How is studying Law in Australia for International Students?

Studying Law in Australia prepares you for a respected legal profession by equipping students with a firm academic foundation and analytical, strategic, critical, and logical reasoning skills along with highly professional communication skills. 

There are 36 law institutions in Australia that offer law degrees to national as well as international students from diploma level to Ph.D. in Law. Seven of these law institutions are included among the world’s top 50 institutions by the QS world university rankings. 

Australian law degrees are well renowned around the world. International students prefer Australia over other abroad destinations to study law due to the quality of education and recognition. Law institutions provide diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees to international students. Each institution has its own unique and distinguished course contents and curriculum. 

Law degrees in Australia for Nepalese and International Students:

  1. Undergraduate Level
  2.  Postgraduate Level
  3. VET Level (Vocational Education and Training)

1. Undergraduate Level

It is also known as the Bachelor of Law program or LLB program. It prepares you to have an outstanding law career by building a base knowledge foundation. It also builds other interpersonal skills like strategic and critical thinking abilities along with analytically observing things and matters to detail. 

Under the Australian Law program, students can choose to study from:

  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law and
  • International  Law

An LLB degree takes 3-4 years to be completed. 

Many international students obtain double degrees along with a law degree in subjects like arts and business. This double degree complements your law degree in order to expand your knowledge or career horizons. After completing your LLB, you cannot directly practice as a lawyer. You need to undertake Practical Legal Training (PLT) in order to become a lawyer. 

Entry Requirements:

International students applying to study LLB degree require:

  • A high school qualification (successful completion of Australian year 12 or equivalent)
  •  English language proficiency

2. Postgraduate Level

It is commonly referred to as LLM meaning Masters of Law. This degree is specially designed to obtain a deeper understanding and knowledge of specialized law fields like tax law, migration law, criminal law, corporate law, and others. 

It takes 2 years to complete LLM and improves the professional skills of a lawyer/ student. It helps in growing critical thinking ability, information and advice circulation, advocacy, communication skills, and analysis. Studying law can also improve your chances to establish yourself as a business strategist, entrepreneur, corporate counselor, or government policy advisor. It opens the doors to infinite opportunities. 

Entry Requirements:

International students applying to study for a master’s degree in nursing require:

  • Successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in law or any streams. 
  • English language proficiency

3. VET Level (Vocational Education and Training)

These law courses do not provide professional law qualifications. International students join these law courses to get a ground-level understanding of different kinds of Australian law out of their personal interest. These courses offer to study in various law fields like legal administration, justice, security, law enforcement, and many more. 

Having a Vocational Education and Training in Law may open doors towards other law degrees if your academic base foundation is not Law. You can get to study these VET level law courses in VET providers or TAFE institutes in Australia. 

Why is a Law degree popular among Nepalese and other International students? 

  • The lawyer is a highly distinguished profession. 
  • High pay and demand of Lawyers. 
  • Lawyers earn an average of AUD 100,000 annually

Career opportunities after completing a Law degree in Australia:

  • Migration Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Business Lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer

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