Study Science in Australia

If you enjoy discovery and problem solving, a science course may be right for you. Despite a comparatively small population, Australia has produced some of the world’s best scientific researchers, who make groundbreaking discoveries on a regular basis, greatly contributing to both Australian and global knowledge and capabilities.

As an international student, whether you want to study data science, food science, or any other subject, Australia has a wide range of courses available to you. If you want to study science in Australia, there are numerous courses and degrees available in fields such as marine biology, chemistry, physics, and nanotechnology. Here are just some of the subjects you could explore:

Popular Science Courses in Australia for International Students:

  • Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Maths and Statistics
  • Psychology

The list of Science Courses available to international students in Australia are:

  1. VET (Vocational Education & Training) Study
  2. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Study
  3. Postgraduate (Master’s) Study

VET (Vocational Education & Training) Study

VET Courses provide many opportunities for hands-on learning for science students. Diplomas and certificates in laboratory techniques, laboratory technology, and laboratory skills are the most common science courses offered in Australia’s VET sector.

So, if you want to be a technical officer or a lab technician, you must first obtain these diplomas and certifications from a reputable Australian university or institute.

The goal of VET qualifications in science is to develop students’ scientific knowledge and high-level technical skills. You can easily find work as a graduate of VET Study in Science in a variety of related practices such as rescue centers, reception and administrative tasks, animal care, radiography procedures, clinic pathology, lab technician, and anesthetic nursing.

In Australia, you can earn between AUD $70,000 and $163,237 per year as a VET graduate, depending on your experience and qualification level.

Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Study

Students in Australia have access to a wide range of undergraduate science courses. For example, a bachelor’s degree in Science, and so on. If you are interested in a specific specialization, you can take an undergraduate course in that field.

As a student, you can even combine your desired science course with engineering, law, and commerce to complete your honors degree and improve your job prospects.

The Bachelor of Science degree is the first step toward a career in technology or science. It provides students with a wide range of career options, including commercialization agents, educators, science editors, patent attorneys, and government policy analysts.

Postgraduate (Master’s) Study

For those interested in pursuing postgraduate science courses and degrees, Australia is one of the best study destinations. These courses not only help students with their personal development but also increase their job opportunities.

If you have completed an honors or bachelor’s degree in Science and want to further your education to advance your career, you can enroll in a postgraduate course in the specific discipline.

You can select from a variety of academic disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, and others. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specialization program, you can select from areas such as DNA Technology, mental health science, biomedical technology, and biotechnology.

After completing a postgraduate course in science, you will be able to apply for jobs in a variety of industries, including medical research, environmental testing, mining mineral analysis, and more.

As a postgraduate student in Science, you may be able to find work in senior scientific positions in government organizations, private corporations, universities, and industries.

Why is Science a popular choice among Nepalese and other International students? 

  • Studying science allows you to turn your interests into a career that will last a lifetime. You could do a  lot with your science with options that are available to you in Australia.
  • Average salaries students can expect at the first job after completing a Master’s degree in Science courses. 
  • Electrical and Computer Engineer: AUD 78118.93
  • Business and Management Manager: AUD 64561.10
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Professional: AUD 49712.05
  • Accounting: AUD 56,153
  • Actuarial Science: AUD 99,121
  • Agricultural Science: AUD 42,000 to AUD 49,000
  • Architecture: AUD 56,238
  • Earth sciences and related fields: AUD 91,215
  • Psychology: AUD 76,126
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management: AUD 83,000

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