What is the best way to receive an Australian PR from Nepal? 

If you are considering permanent residency in another nation from Nepal, Australia is a fantastic option. It provides several visa sub-categories to applicants who meet particular qualifying conditions. The United Nations ranks Australia as the second-best country in the world in terms of quality of life. The country continues to draw skilled overseas students to study in Australia, as well as employees to relocate and live their ideal life. One of the most popular ways to obtain Australian PR is general skilled migration, i.e. the points tested visa.

Steps to apply for Australian General Skilled Migration from Nepal:

  • You must get a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the current skilled occupation list
  • You must submit an expression of interest (EOI). The EOI system calculates your total points based on your personal credentials, such as English language proficiency, education qualification, work experience etc. The information provided in your EOI determines your ranking.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for nomination from an Australian state/territory government agency. This gives you extra points, but there will be extra requirements to fulfil both before visa lodgement, and after visa approval.
  • If your ranking is high enough, you will get an invitation to apply for a points-tested visa.
  • You must lodge the visa application within 60 days from invitation, and provide all supporting documents required.
  • Wait for outcome of your visa application. Processing time can vary depending on your occupation, the complexity of your application and Department’s internal resources.

Other eligibility criteria for PR application:

  • All applicants and eligible family members must complete medical examinations, conducted by clinics approved by Department of Home Affairs
  • All applicants and eligible family members, who are 16 years old and above, must provide required police checks to pass the character test
  • If you are including family members in your visa application, you must provide correct documentation to prove their relationship with you.

I want to explore points-tested Australian PR, what should I do?

First of all, you should always consult with a migration professional like VEVS Global, because General Skilled Migration can be a very lengthy and complicated process. Before you see your visa consultant, you should have the following documents ready:

Documents to prepare before your PR consultationDescription
Personal documents– Passport for yourself and your spouse (if married)

– Marriage Certificate

– If you or your spouse have previously held an Australian visa, a copy of visa grant notification.

– Any medical condition or character history – you should always disclose to your visa consultant, so that they can determine if it will affect your visa application
Education documentsFor any education completed after secondary school, whether in Nepal or overseas:
– Degree certificate/diploma
– Academic Transcript

If you have completed only vocational education/trade certificates:
Completion certificate
– Transcript
– Confirmation of placement/apprenticeship
Employment documentsIf you are thinking about claiming points for your employment experience (only in your nominated occupation), you should try to bring the following documents:
– Employment contract
– Tax records
– Any reference letter your employer/s have issued to you
– Your most up to date CV

Processing time

Points-tested visa processing time can range from a few months to more than a year. There is no guarantee your application can be finalized within a certain timeframe. The following factors can affect your visa application processing time:

  • Department of Home Affairs’ internal processing priorities, usually determined by the minister of Immigration.
  • Your nominated occupation. As Australia recovers from COVID-19, occupations from critical sectors are given priority, e.g. registered nurse.
  • Whether your application is complete and decision-ready
  • Whether there is any complexity in your application

Planning is very important, which is why you should always work with a registered migration agent for your Australia PR application.

Eligibility criteria for applying PR in Australia & Australia PR point calculator

The first step in submitting a PR application is to determine your eligibility and total PR points. To begin, your occupation should be on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Every year, the list is updated based on the country’s skill needs. You may view the list on Department of Home Affairs’ website.

Following that, you must estimate how many PR points you may get. The PR point system in Australia is a means of determining the most useful applicants by assigning points for different beneficial parts of their past.

The minimum score required to apply for PR is 65. However, achieving 65 points does not guarantee you the chance to apply for a PR visa, because you need to compete with all other prospective PR applicants. The higher your points, the better chance you have in receiving an invitation to apply for a PR visa.

At this point, take the advice of a migration consultant to get the most precise estimation of your PR points. You do not want to under or overestimate your points here, because incorrect points can hurt your chance of getting an invitation, or worse, lead to a visa refusal.

10 criteria for your PR points

  • Age (Must be under 45 years old)
  • English language Skills
  • Skilled Employment Experience (both Australian or Overseas employment)
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Specialist education qualification
  • Australian study requirement
  • Professional year in Australia
  • Credentialed community language
  • Study in regional Australia
  • Partner skills

Under general skilled migration, people from all nationalities can apply for a PR in Australia from Nepal in the below-mentioned PR visa categories:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

How many Nepalese got Australian PR?

Nepal is presently Australia’s tenth greatest source of immigration. According to Department of Home Affairs’ country profile, 4,714 Nepalese were given Australian PR in program year 2020-21.

Is it easy to apply for PR in Australia?

Every application is unique, because every applicant’s circumstances are unique. This is why should always consult with a migration professional to plan your Australia PR application.

What can I do to improve my chances of obtaining PR in Australia?

  • You need to get a higher qualification.
  • You need to have good work experience.
  • You need to achieve the best possible English score
  • You should consider your age when making decisions.

Can i apply directly for pr in Australia?

Yes, you can apply for PR in Australia, or apply for PR from Nepal

What is the benefit of getting Australia PR?

As a permanent resident of Australia, you will have access to all the great social benefits such as Medicare, parental support etc. It will be easier for you to obtain approval for personal loans, vehicle loans, house loans, and credit cards.

These are the things to consider before applying for an Australian PR from Nepal. It is no surprise that those who wish to move to another country choose Australia because it is a great country. The Australian government has established many immigration programs for the PR visa in order to speed up the immigration process, examine immigrants, and guarantee that competent persons are awarded visas.

If you are interested, come and consult with VEVS Global’s visa experts, and start your PR journey today!

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