Why Vevs Global Nepal for Studying in Australia for Nepalese Students?

The right education unlocks a brighter future and your career along with it. As a business specializing in Australian Education Counselling and Visa Services, we can assist with Student Enrolments. With our large database of over 70 education institutions, we can help with finding you the best-suited education provider, take care of your enrollment, obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE), as well as prepare and lodge your Student Visa Application.

Think of us as your immigration agents in Perth who do everything! From preparing and choosing what’s right for you, to put that into action with your enrolment and visa.

Right Education and Career Counselling make your journey to Australia at Ease!

The Education Counselling services we provide include long-term planning for your future in Australia. We plan for your enrolment needs, visa pathways, and all the way through to planning your PR pathway. We recommend areas of employment that will fit both your future and your future visa requirements.

Our education partners are highly ranked and experienced. Well known for their in-depth, hands-on experience of the courses they offer, they have fantastic track records. The education in Australia has been ranked in the top 1% of the world, with reputable institutions and the prestigious offerings of the course of any interest.

Among many of our education partners, some include:

  • University of Western Australia (CRICOS Provider Code 00126G)
  • Curtin University (CRICOS Provider Code 00301J)
  • Murdoch University (CRICOS Provider Code 00125J)
  • Edith Cowan University (CRICOS Provider Code 00279B)
  • Phoenix Academy (CRICOS Provider Code 00066D)
  • KAPLAN Business School Australia (CRICOS Provider Code 02426B)

Depending on your desired occupation, your required qualifications can vary. For trade occupations, diplomas or certificates III/IV would be best suited for you. For professional occupations, a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree would be compatible.

Here is a curated list of our international students’ most applied courses in Australia:

We also work closely with our education partners to provide English language training to our clients, such as PTE general and PTE intensive. These courses aim to complement the existing visa and enrolment services for our clients and help them to meet English language requirements for their future pathways, whether that be general skilled migration or other options. 

How we can help:

Whether you are still unsure of your area of study or have already chosen a program suitable for you, we are here to help. Book a consultation to find out if your course of study can lead you towards a PR pathway down the road! Contact our team now to learn more about Education Counselling, tailored to your academic journey.



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