Why Study in AUSTRALIA from NEPAL?

It’s a big decision to choose out of the country for higher education! There are many respected universities and attractive nations where you can study and live if you option to study abroad.

Australia is one of the countries where more Nepalese students wish to go for additional studies. Australia is very secure and friendly destinations country. The country has a stable political structure and a low crime rate, and Australians live in a relatively secure environment. Australia is a popular location for international students due to the friendly residents and easy-going culture. Once you arrive, there are a several opportunities to meet new people and explore your talents.

Here we mention the following reasons why study in Australia is better than other countries:

Good Educational System

In Australia, the subject selections are numerous. There is also a practical education. You might expect excellent educational quality, internationally recognized credentials, and numerous job opportunities. Australia’s universities are renowned for their research and training techniques, making them a popular choice among Nepalese students. Australia’s education system is three-tiered, including primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) provides an overview of the many levels and qualifications open which are shown below:

AQF LevelsQualifications
Level 1Certificate I
Level 2Certificate II
Level 3Certificate III
Level 4Certificate IV
Level 5Diploma
Level 6Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree
Level 7Bachelor Degree
Level 8Bachelor Honor’s Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
Level 9Master’s Degree
Level 10Doctoral Degree

Source: AQF levels | AQF

Easy Access to Student Visa

Australia welcomes international students more effectively than other countries. The ‘Overseas Student Program’ welcomes international students. Naturally, you must demonstrate your qualifications in a variety of fields before being granted a visa. To be eligible for an Australian student visa, firstly you must produce proof of enrollment in study programs at an Australian University/College. Secondly, you must demonstrate that you have the financial means to cover tuition fee and living expenses. Finally, you must demonstrate your command of the English language, and you must obtain health and responsibility insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover). Although it may appear to take a lot of time and effort, obtaining a Student Visa for Nepalese students is actually rather simple.

Better Employment During Study

During your studies, you can easily find a part-time employment. During the semester, you are legally authorized to work up to 40 hours per fortnight. Part-time jobs that are related to your study are also available. Working as a waitress, retail assistant, or promoter are examples of jobs that are unrelated to your study. You can work full-time throughout your semester vacation. SEEK is one of Australia’s most popular employment boards. You must apply for a Tax File Number online in order to be paid.

Amazing City Life

Universities can be found in both urban and rural places in Australia. You will experience and travel to many cities regardless of where you study. Each city has something different to offer. You may take in the stunning Sydney seaside vistas as well as Melbourne‘s strange marketplace. In terms of lifestyle, Australia is ranked in the top ten countries. The environment is highly clean, which supports your improved health, thanks to a comprehensive recycling system and beach cleanliness.

Wonderful Topography

One of the many attractions to study in Australia is its beautiful scenery. On this continent, there are five different climate zones. The Great Barrier Reef and some rainforests are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can go on jungle adventures and attempt skiing. There are almost 10,000 beaches in Australia, and visiting all of them within 2-3 years of your study period would be nearly impossible. If you enjoy sports, surfing by the seaside could be one of your favorite activities. It is one of Australia’s most popular sports, having been played for nearly 150 years.

Greater Population of Nepalese People and Presence of Nepalese Community

The Nepali community has become one of Australia’s fastest growing immigrant populations. So, it will be helpful for new upcoming students. They will help other student by guiding the rules and regulation or searching part-time job as well. The table below displays the number of visas granted to Nepalese migrants under the student visa program:

Temporary visas granted on Student Visa, 2016–17 to 2019–20

International Students2016-172017-182018-192019-20
Vocational Education and Training2,9317,41710,5914,937
Higher Education15,16618,67220,64118,802
Postgraduate Research198234325410
Foreign Affairs or Defense12614311184
Total: International Student visa grants18,50726,57931,79924,445
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