Student Visa in Australia from Nepal

So you’ve decided to go to Australia to further your studies – now what? Let’s walk you through everything you need, starting with your Student Visa.

Throughout the years, we have had so many experiences helping the international student community with their Student Visa applications. We provide meaningful and insightful counselling to give the best advice to our clients, assisting them in finding the right education pathway tailored to their career and Visa goals. We understand the difficulties and costs involved in undertaking an Australian education qualification. Because of this, we understand the significance of getting the most accurate and tailored advice for your personal goals.

When you engage with VEVS Global Nepal to help with your application, you’re engaging a lifelong partner to assist you with your migration journey.

Studying Abroad in Australia

Education is a large focal point of the Australian Government. This is why each year, the Federal Budget allocates substantial funding to the infrastructure and facilities of Australian schools and higher education institutions. It’s no surprise that Australia remains one of the most sought-after destinations for overseas education, with Nepalese students being the third-largest international student community. Studying in Australia may seem daunting, but in return, the qualification and education quality you receive can be rewarding in terms of academic and personal development.

Among the top-quality education Australia provides, it is a 50/50 split between what Nepalese students choose to study. Half of the Nepalese student population enroll in vocational training courses, with the remaining 50% choosing higher education- enrolling in courses such as management and commerce, information technology, or health.

Besides that, Australian education institutions have lots of scholarships that are always on offer for deserving students. So be sure to check with our team if there’s one that’s right for you.

While applying for a Student Visa in Australia, our Registered Agents and Education team will:

  • Assist you with your enrolment and application.
  • Help with the attainment of a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
  • Put together the documents required for your Australian Student Visa.

If you’re looking to get a student visa, Australia offers a streamlined process for the Student Visa (subclass 500). There are several Student Visa requirements in Australia as International Students you will need to meet for your application to be approved, including being accepted into an educational institution and having sufficient financial capacity. You will also be required to get an appropriate level of health insurance for the duration of your stay. Step By Step Process for Student Visa in Australia from Nepal

Requirements for Student Visa in Australia for International Students:

First thing’s first – you will need to have a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) ready at the time of your application. By this stage, you will need to have selected your desired course with an institution. Our Enrolments team can guide you through this by ensuring the course you choose is the right fit for your future career and provides possible visa pathways.

A student coming from Nepal will need to prove they can speak proficient English at a required level. In this case, an English Proficiency test needs to be taken. Eligible tests include IELTS, PTE, CAE, OET, OR TOEFL.

You will be required to show evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself, and any other dependents that are coming with you to Australia. Among your funds, you will need to ensure you meet the minimum criteria to cover tuition, travel, and living fees (such as accommodation, food, and leisure). If you have dependents on your visa such as children, you will be required to show that you have sufficient funds to cover their living and school costs as well. If you are a single applicant, you will be required to show AUD21,041. If your partner is joining you on your visa, they will be required to have an additional AUD7,362 as well as AUD3,152 for a child coming with you.

A medical checkup needs to be conducted to ensure students are in good health. Students will be required to undergo a chest x-ray and medical examination.

The student enrolment and visa application is a lengthy one and sets you on a path that opens up job opportunities in the future. This is why we understand how important your decisions and outcomes can be. Our Enrolments team here at VEVS Global Nepal has seen great success with Nepalese students as they thrive in high-quality education and are put on better paths towards success.

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