How is working in Australia?

Australians are known for being relaxed people. However, their laid-back nature does not carry over to Australian workplaces. Check out the following advice to understand Australians’ attitudes to work better, and to appreciate how Australians strike up their work-life balance.

  • Endless opportunities

    Working in Australia correlates to the Australian values of “a fair go” and equal opportunity. Known for being open-hearted and open-minded in nature, workplaces tend to have a more informal hierarchy in the workplace. A flat line management structure and open workspaces are pretty common. Where hierarchies do exist, organisations work hard to establish healthy relationships across all management levels. This results in a relaxing working atmosphere, and opens the door for less competition among peers, instead of working together for the common good of the company.

  • Strong work ethic

    Australians are fiercely independent in nature. From a young age, Australian youths are encouraged by their families and schools to get involved in their communities, explore their interests and talents, and take on a part-time jobs whilst in high school. This means, that by the time they have received their Bachelor’s degree, they may have had a few prior jobs. So, it only makes sense that in the Australian workplace, your colleagues will be productive, efficient and “hardcore”. That’s Australian slang for – you better be prepared to work hard!

  • Work / life balance in Australia

    Australia is well known for its emphasis on great work/ life balance, most jobs are within the typical hours of 9-5. With the exception of working in retail stores after hours or on the weekends, Australia offers amazing financial compensation. Their emphasis on work/ life balance is always in place to ensure the long-term staff satisfaction and happiness in and out of work. Australians believe that balancing work and life is crucial to staff retention, which is why a majority of workplaces are understanding and sympathetic to taking time off due to personal reasons.

  • Working hours in Australia

    The typical working hours for Australians are Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5 pm. However, don’t be surprised if your colleagues invite you out for after-work drinks. These sessions are crucial for team bonding, however, you can always say no too!

    In the instance that you are required to work overtime, on Sundays or on public holidays, here’s the lowdown:

  • Working overtime: You will be paid at a rate of one and a half times your ordinary rate of pay
  •  On Sundays: You will be paid twice the ordinary rate of pay
  •  On public holidays (weekdays): You will be paid at one and a half times your ordinary rate of pay for the first 7.6 hours, and two and a half times your ordinary rate of pay thereafter
  • On public holidays (weekends): You will be paid two and a half times your ordinary rate of pay.
  • Part-time jobs for international students in Australia

    One of the biggest upsides to studying in Australia include being able to work a part-time job simultaneously. Your student visa allows you to work for 40 hours every fortnight while you are studying, and unlimited hours during your semester breaks.

    This is a good opportunity as it allows international students to earn enough income to cover your expenses, gather up working experience and have sufficient time left for your studies. Our clients are often easily able to find part-time jobs in industries such as:

    Oftentimes, your education institution may be able to direct you with companies in need of interns, or even a part-time job at the campus cafe! You may also be able to view job postings online, in stores or on notice boards at your local shopping centre.

  • Retail – Whether it is a small or large chain store
  • Hospitality – These include restaurants, cafes, hotels, or even at Crown Casino
  • Services – Gas stations or supermarkets
  • Industry – You might even be able to secure a paid intern or part-time job in a field relating to what you study

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